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  • sour29
    sour29 commented on the comic, Spider-Man #4
    Spider-Man #4

    Yikes. I forgot this was even a thing!!

    • BigMiracle

      The first book to sell 1,000,000 copies in a while they said...

  • sour29
    sour29 commented on the comic, Spawn #308
    Spawn #308

    What happened to Philip Tan? Wasn't he part of the original solicit? Did I miss something? 

    • JoeLovesComics

      He just did the last couple issues as a mini arc only

  • sour29
    sour29 commented on the comic, Hawkeye: Freefall #6: Digital-First Edition
    Hawkeye: Freefall #6: Digital-First Edition
    They announced today that many of the digital releases will get a print copy next month, including Free Fall. Wish this book could’ve gone longer.
    • Imcubillo

      This is awesome news, this has been a fantastic read 

  • bobscomics
    bobscomics » sour29

    Nice collection, looks like you have been collecting for a while like me!

  • sour29
    sour29 commented on the comic, The Amazing Spider-Man #794
    The Amazing Spider-Man #794

    Solicit doesn't make sense. If Zodiac was hurled one year into the future, wouldn't that mean SPIDER-MAN has had one year to prepare for the rematch? Zodiac would be only arriving...

    • brand350cid
      Haha, Good point!  I just finished reading this issue... luckily the story itself got it correct. 
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