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  • soulmins
    I was really looking forward to Tomasi on this title and, while I liked this a little less than I was expecting to, this issue was a great start. The art is overall fantastic. I like the sketchy quality of the inking and...
  • soulmins
    soulmins created a new list, Damian Wayne Reading Order

    A chronological order of all of Damian's Prime Earth appearances. This includes runs in which he was the main character, runs where he's a supporting character, plus one-off issues he appeared in. If you have any feedback let me know.

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    • vieliv

      God's work.

  • soulmins
    soulmins commented on the comic, Ironheart #1
    Ironheart #1

    Picked it up on a whim and ended up really enjoying it! I haven't read much Riri stuff but this is right up my alley tbh.

  • soulmins
    Every issue of Teen Titans has been great ever since Glass took over and this issue is no exception. The tension that occurs as the team is trapped under the rubble of a building builds on top of other doubts they've...
  • soulmins
    soulmins commented on the comic, Fantastic Four #3
    Fantastic Four #3

    Other than this generally being a fantastic issue, my letter got printed for the first time!!

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    • IstvanTheHun

      no way, which issue of Black Hammer?

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