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  • sonic13066
    sonic13066 commented on the comic, Shazam! #13
    Shazam! #13

    as i heard someone else post on reddit - "It's Prime Time".

  • sonic13066
    sonic13066 commented on the comic, Superman #7
    Superman #7

    So, Bendis didn't want to write a kid, so he decided to age him seven years. Ruining his relationship with Damian and the Super-Sons comicbook forever.  Well, glad i won't be reading anything of his ever again.

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    • gnok

      What people do best.

  • sonic13066

    What happened to Aqualad from the most recent Teen Titan's comics run before No Justice.  After the breakup and the new team formation he hasn't been mentioned or seen ( i think he hasn't been seen).  Was he dropped for some reason or because of Young Justice TV Show coming back was he made off-limits.  

    I was thinking about this because of drowned earth.  He would have been perfect for this story.

  • sonic13066
    sonic13066 commented on the comic, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1
    Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1
    I hope they keep his original origin intact and not try to re-write it.
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    • gferg1991

      He IS a great character. I just meant he worked better in his own universe, the Ultimate Universe with Ultimate Universe continuity. 

  • sonic13066
    sonic13066 commented on the comic, Batman Beyond #24
    Batman Beyond #24
    I almost wish this entire series had been animated. It’s like watching new episodes of the original DCAU, but with a DCU twist. Great issue
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