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  • Sned321

    Hello all, I am greatly appreciative of the database your community has assembled. I have taken a little over half of my collection from the '90 out of storage. That being said, I have cataloged around 3/4 of what is there. Most of what can not be catalogued is simply missing issues. Is there any way to add the missing issues into the database? Preapproved I am assuming so as not to ruin a excellent tool for collecters.

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    • IstvanTheHun

      submit the missing issues to the mods - make sure you have accurate info and a good image of the cover. Do this enough times correctly, and you can get upgraded to making changes instantly.
      Adding to this site's database is integral to growing it into the best tool around for comicbook collectors :)

Born Pennsylvania lived and worked there until I was 29. Then I injured two discs in my lower back. Four surgeries later the doctors gave up and put me on meds. Now in my 50s in a wheelchair living in North Carolina. I have loved comics since my early 20s
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