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  • SN4K3EATER64
    SN4K3EATER64 commented on the comic, Blade Runner 2019 #8
    Blade Runner 2019 #8
    Was this one actually released?
  • SN4K3EATER64
    SN4K3EATER64 commented on the comic, Non-Stop Spider-Man #1
    Non-Stop Spider-Man #1
    I'm stoked for a Spider-Man book by Joe Kelly WITHOUT Deadpool mucking things up. Unfortunately Chris Bachalo has been kind of iffy lately, so I'll hold out for previews before making a firm decision on this one.
  • SN4K3EATER64
    SN4K3EATER64 commented on the comic, Batman #89
    Batman #89
    I can't help but have a laugh at speculators clamoring over this book. It's a glorified cameo appearance that won't matter six months from now. The same 20 "collectors" are going to be buying and selling this issue amongst themselves (graded and priced in the triple digits, of course) and it's going to be sad. Super sad.
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    • AdamB
      It’s actually a first full appearance of the Designer and cameo of Punchline. So that’s why it’s a very hot book. Hell Arisen #3 will be Punchline’s first full appearance. But the hype is deserving as it’s a great issue.
  • SN4K3EATER64
    SN4K3EATER64 commented on the comic, Batman / Superman #6
    Batman / Superman #6
    I'm so glad this arc is over. I'm tired of heroes being turned bad, heroes losing trust in one another, stuff like that. And it sucks how this entire arc is only a slice of a bigger story that will NOT be resolved in this series. Nope, you've gotta get another miniseries and issues of Justice League to get it all. Thankfully the next arc looks promising. This series will benefit from ditching the...
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    • BigMiracle

      I admit the story is meh and feels like a tiny part of a bigger picture that is starting to drag on a bit too much. The main reason I keep pulling the series is the art, it's just SO good I stay on every page twice as long as with most books

  • SN4K3EATER64
    SN4K3EATER64 commented on the comic, Detective Comics #1019
    Detective Comics #1019
    This filler arc felt like, well, filler. The Norse myth stuff is kind of interesting, and I never thought I'd see the blood eagle in a mainstream superhero book, but aside from that there wasn't much point to this story.
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    • Wheezy1892
      I liked it, I would have preferred if this was 3 or 4 issues personally
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