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  • JUL201452  
    Adler #4
    Titan Books  ·  Sep 30th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    From the World Fantasy Award-winning writer Lavie Tidhar and artist Paul McCaffrey (DC's Men of War, TMNT) comes an all-new story written in the vein of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's The League of Extraordinary... View »

  • JUL200012  
    Department of Truth #1
    Image Comics  ·  Sep 30th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    SERIES PREMIERE! Cole Turner has studied conspiracy theories all his life, but he isn't prepared for what happens when he discovers that all of them are true, from the JFK assassination to flat Earth theory and reptilian... View »

  • JUL200208  
    Killadelphia #8
    Image Comics  ·  Sep 30th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    "BURN BABY BURN," Part Two From RODNEY BARNES, the writer behind such hit shows as Marvel's  Runaways  and STARZ's  American Gods,  and JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER, the... View »

  • JUL200213  
    The Ludocrats #5
    Image Comics  ·  Sep 30th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    LUDOCRATS ends as it began, with the release of a 32-page comic pamphlet. We leave you with fond memories and longing. Forevermore, LUDOCRATS will be the comic whose name you accidentally moan when having sex with other... View »

  • JUL200230  
    Sea of Stars #7
    Image Comics  ·  Sep 30th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    "THE PEOPLE OF THE BROKEN MOON," Part Two Kadyn thought being lost in the wild heavens was the most fun a kid could have. But now he's beginning to see the true face of the deep space danger all around him.... View »

  • APR200837  
    Shang-Chi #1
    Marvel Comics  ·  Sep 30th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    THE MASTER RETURNS! An ancient and evil secret society has stayed in hiding since the death of their leader, Zheng Zhu. But now his successor has been chosen to shift the balance of power in the world...Zheng Zhu's... View »

  • JUL200235  
    That Texas Blood #4
    Image Comics  ·  Sep 30th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    "A BROTHER'S CONSCIENCE," Part Three Randy suppresses dark urges while Joe Bob investigates the death of Travis Terrill. View »

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