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Saga Vol. 9 TP
Saga keeps blowing me away
October 30th, 2018

Can Brian K. Vaughan do wrong? This next installation of Saga would point to no. The stakes are raised once again after what felt like such a happy ending and reunion at the end of volume eight. The collaboration between Vaughan and Staples continues to shine as some of the most important panels of the book are completely textless yet no less evocative. I applaud their decision to take a year off, and it’ll all be worth it when we get the next chapter of this rivetting epic.

Loved It


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  • HenreeBemis
    Well said, I had to pause on each of the final panels to catch my breath and let the story sink in.
    Reply  ·  1 year ago
  • smithtimmytim

    Right?! The facial expressions were just perfect.

    Reply  ·  1 year ago
  • GrizzlyJones15
    Can't wait to continue the story!
    Reply  ·  1 year ago