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  • smithlau13
    smithlau13 reviewed Bliss #1
    When I first started reading this issue, I wasn't even sure what my first impression of it was past the cover- I was interested, but also cautious, I guess.  I see HIGH potential in becoming attached to the story...
    • jzln1y

      I would agree with your review but also add the twist is that Benton is allowed a drug called bliss to wipe away the dark memories,  guilt and remorse  of the dastardly deeds he has committed.

  • smithlau13
    Oh man. What a fun issue this was. Honestly, for me, most of Joker war has been kind of meh, but this issue- this issue goes ABOVE and BEYOND.  It's SO BATALICIOUS Yeah I said it Harley vs Punchline?? Alfred did...
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    • PKcomic411
      Is the pun from his belt?
  • smithlau13
    It's a shame it took till the last issue to get REALLY good, but this issue slapped! Intense action is real, the impact is real, and some characters really get a great spotlight! The art for the action is fantastic too!...
  • I haven't had this much fun reading a new Marvel comic in a LONG time! I really enjoy the high stakes in these AU storylines. If you like DCeased, you'll prob like this line too. Really great art, real stakes, solid...
  • smithlau13
    This issue is EASILY for the Bruce Wayne stans. Personally, I loved it and the connection it makes to Bruce and his past and in particular, that ONE person he misses more than anything and always has missed. If you're...
Lauren here! Nightcrawler and the X-men- all time favs! So many others to nerd about though. Especially all the gay things. Chat away!
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