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  • smarsh1

    Trying to add Amazing Spider-Man 602 to a list but the scroll down for Volume 1 ends at ~430. Is there a way around this?

  • Nice to see the title didn't lose anything with the relaunch. Still a delightful read. As a big Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane fan, it's good to see Takeshi Miyazawa again.
  • smarsh1
    smarsh1 commented on the comic, X-Men #3
    X-Men #3

    Surprised to see so much dislike for this issue in the discussion. I thought it was very good and step up from the two issues that proceeded it.

  • smarsh1
    smarsh1 created a new list, Bought U 4 The Cover

    Making this to track books outside of my "To Read" collection as I have a habit of buying books I probably shouldn't because I'm a sucker for a pretty picture / con exclusive / cover gimmick.

  • Beautiful art from Marcos Martin and BKV is BKV. I get that it was kind of a boss move not to include it in the text, but I feel like there really should have been official translations easily available (both Spanish-to-English...
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    • BigMiracle

      I was struggling at first, but when the whole story unfolded, I'm glad I had these language barriers actually completing the story and giving a meaning to the experience.

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