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  • jon7351
    jon7351 » skzland

    I am not sure of the actual release date. Do you want the release date to be the same as the original? Please let me know. Is the a way to message you privately instead of publicly? Thanks, Jon

  • Itachi24
    Itachi24 » skzland

    So the corrections that I suggest for "The Dark Knight Strikes Again" were denied? But it looks it was changed anyway? There were also an additional covers I submitted.

  • rsgiddens3rd
    rsgiddens3rd » skzland

    Hi! Just wanted to discuss the denial on my correction to the page count of Star Trek: Discovery #3. The official contribution guidelines indicate that the cover page count is not to be included. IDW counts the covers when doing page counts in their releases. I purchased this issue today and verified my page count was 28 (not including the covers). Thank you for your consideration. Ralph

  • Am Archives Zorro: 1958 Dell Four Color #882 #1 Limited Edition B&W TV Photo Cover

    how can i delete this issue from my collection?

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