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  • STAR19375  ·  CONSENSUS: 92%
    Invincible Vol. 1: Family Matters TP
    Image Comics  ·  Nov 2nd, 2003  ·  $12.95

    Mark Grayson is just like most everyone else his age. He's a senior at a normal American high School. He has a crappy part time job after school and on weekends. He likes girls quite a bit... but doesn't quite understand... View »

  • NOV078185  ·  CONSENSUS: 97%
    Invincible Vol. 2: Eight is Enough TP
    Image Comics  ·  Apr 28th, 2004  ·  $12.99

    Mark Grayson is just like most everyone else his age, except for the fact that his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet. And now he's begun to inherit his father's powers. In this second volume, the... View »

  • JUN041362  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Invincible Vol. 3: Perfect Strangers TP
    Image Comics  ·  Dec 1st, 2004  ·  $12.95

    Mark Grayson is just like everyone else his age, except that his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet. And now he's begun to inherit his father's powers. It all sounds okay at first, but how do you... View »

  • NOV068128  ·  CONSENSUS: 95%
    Invincible Vol. 4: Head of the Class TP
    Image Comics  ·  Apr 20th, 2005  ·  $14.95

    After the traumatic events of Volume 3, Mark Grayson (AKA Invincible) is left to pick up the pieces and try to continue on with some sort of life. His mother is a wreck, his friends don't understand and the super-villains... View »

  • CONSENSUS: 95%
    Invincible Vol. 5: The Facts of Life TP
    Image Comics  ·  Nov 16th, 2005  ·  $16.99

    After the hectic events of INVINCIBLE, VOL. 4: HEAD OF THE CLASS, Mark - aka Invincible - while continuing to deal with the loss of his father, finds himself face to face with piles of villains and the worst conflict of... View »

  • CONSENSUS: 95%
    Invincible Vol. 6: A Different World TP
    Image Comics  ·  Jun 5th, 2006  ·  $16.99

    Collecting the status quo altering storyline "A DIFFERENT WORLD" running from issues 25-30. Mark is brought to another planet in order to save it. Is he their only hope - or the source of the worst disaster to... View »

  • CONSENSUS: 100%
    Invincible Vol. 7: Three's Company TP
    Image Comics  ·  Dec 20th, 2006  ·  $16.99

    On a trip to Africa Mark finds himself torn between two lives; his normal life with his girlfriend Amber and his superhero life with good friend Atom Eve. Decisions, decisions... Also in this volume: Angstrom Levy makes... View »

  • CONSENSUS: 86%
    Invincible Vol. 8: My Favorite Martian TP
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 19th, 2007  ·  $16.99

    Invincible battles the REANIMEN on the campus of Upstate University. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to him trouble is brewing--trouble of MARTIAN origin. Invincible must assemble a team of Earth's mightiest defenders to go out... View »

  • OCT071979  ·  CONSENSUS: 86%
    Invincible Vol. 9: Out of this World TP
    Image Comics  ·  Jun 18th, 2008  ·  $14.99

    Allen the Alien returns to Earth as directed by the Coalition of Planets – he's come to gather information from Mark about his father – the Viltrumite Traitor. Meanwhile, the Viltrumites have come to Earth... View »

  • CONSENSUS: 88%
    Invincible Vol. 10: Who's the Boss? TP
    Image Comics  ·  May 20th, 2009  ·  $16.99

    Up until this point, Invincible has been working for the Global Defense agency. Fighting their fights, defeating their enemies... now something's not right, Invincible can no longer carry out his orders unquestioned.... View »

  • MAY090320  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Invincible Vol. 11: Happy Days TP
    Image Comics  ·  Aug 24th, 2009  ·  $16.99

    Invincible and Atom Eve are dating at last, but Mark has just recently moved back in with his mom and half brother. To make matters worse, Mark finds himself staring down the deadliest bunch of villains he's faced thus... View »

  • DEC090386  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Invincible Vol. 12: Still Standing TP
    Image Comics  ·  May 26th, 2010  ·  $16.99

    Angstrom Levy finally attacks, and the world has never been in more danger! Guest-starring the entire Image Universe... and that's just the lead-in for Conquest! Invincible faces his most deadly threats yet in this can't... View »

  • CONSENSUS: 93%
    Invincible Vol. 13: Growing Pains TP
    Image Comics  ·  Aug 25th, 2010  ·  $16.99

    In the aftermath of his battle with CONQUEST, Invincible and his world are left in ruins. He's faced with questions he doesn't know how to answer about his future as a hero and what is needed to actually protect... View »

  • FEB110438  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Invincible Vol. 14: The Viltrumite War TP
    Image Comics  ·  Apr 25th, 2011  ·  $19.99

    Collecting issues 71-78, chronicling the Viltrumite War in its entirety, with Invincible and his strongest allies pitted against the entire Viltrumite race. Spanning across the universe, no planet, species, or hero is safe... View »

  • NOV110396  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Invincible Vol. 15: Get Smart TP
    Image Comics  ·  Jan 11th, 2012  ·  $16.99

    Mark Grayson finds himself at a crossroads: Is fighting battles head-on always the best solution to the world's greatest threats, or is there a better way? Collects INVINCIBLE #79-84 View »

  • MAY120553  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Invincible Vol. 16: Family Ties TP
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 4th, 2012  ·  $16.99

    The aftermath of the Viltrumite War continues on! Mark is unprepared for the challenges his brother Oliver and Allen the Alien set before him… get ready for a beat down in the grand Invincible fashion! Collects INVINCIBLE... View »

  • NOV120497  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Invincible Vol. 17: What's Happening TP
    Image Comics  ·  Jan 23rd, 2013  ·  $16.99

    The new Invincible will not back down, will not give in, and he is not going to play nice. What happens when Mark Grayson isn't happy with his replacement? Collects INVINCIBLE #91-96 View »

  • MAY130459  ·  CONSENSUS: 93%
    Invincible Vol. 18: The Death of Everyone TP
    Image Comics  ·  Aug 13th, 2013  ·  $16.99

    Mark Grayson's entire life as a superhero, all he's learned, all he's endured, it's all been leading to this one moment. Will he become the hero he was meant to or will he choose... a DIFFERENT path? Collects... View »

  • DEC130496  ·  CONSENSUS: 91%
    Invincible Vol. 19: The War At Home TP
    Image Comics  ·  Mar 11th, 2014  ·  $16.99

    Angstrom Levy returns to take revenge on Invincible and all those he holds dear. Collects INVINCIBLE #103-108 View »

  • CONSENSUS: 92%
    Invincible Vol. 20: Friends TP
    Image Comics  ·  Nov 12th, 2014  ·  $16.99

    A new beginning for INVINCIBLE as things take a turn down a dark path. Everything changes as Invincible is betrayed by one of his own. You won’t want to miss this volume! Collects INVINCIBLE #109-114 View »

  • APR150593  ·  CONSENSUS: 92%
    Invincible Vol. 21: Modern Family TP
    Image Comics  ·  Jun 24th, 2015  ·  $16.99

    In the aftermath of Robot's attempt to take over the world, the few survivors that remain must pick up the pieces of a world once familiar...but now completely alien. Collects INVINCIBLE #115-120 View »

  • NOV150668  ·  CONSENSUS: 93%
    Invincible Vol. 22: Reboot TP
    Image Comics  ·  Feb 17th, 2016  ·  $16.99

    While Mark, Eve, and Terra make the best of their life on Talescria, Thragg has eluded capture. In this volume, loose ends are tied up, conflicts are brought to a resolution, and a door is closed… so that a new one... View »

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