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  • SEP140810  ·  CONSENSUS: 90%
    All-New Captain America #1
    Marvel Comics  ·  Nov 12th, 2014  ·  $3.99

    This is it! The all-new, Spy-Fi, highflying adventures of Sam Wilson Captain America and Nomad begin here! Hydra is growing, the terrorist band have has infiltrated the Marvel Universe completely! But what is their ultimate... View »

  • OCT140852  ·  CONSENSUS: 88%
    All-New Captain America #2
    Marvel Comics  ·  Dec 17th, 2014  ·  $3.99

    The new Hydra has formed, comprised of the most ruthless villains of the Marvel Universe as the great infiltration continues! Cap uncovers the ultimate goal of the new Hydra but is it too late to stop them? Cap and Nomad's... View »

  • NOV140784  ·  CONSENSUS: 84%
    All-New Captain America #3
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jan 14th, 2015  ·  $3.99

    This is it! The new generations meet--Captain America vs Sin, daughter of the Red Skull! The truth in regards to the blood of equalization is revealed, but Hydra's proliferation is too wide, there is no stopping them... View »

  • DEC140876  ·  CONSENSUS: 93%
    All-New Captain America #4
    Marvel Comics  ·  Feb 18th, 2015  ·  $3.99

    Hydra initiates the next step in their scheme, millions of innocent souls hang in the balance. Cap is broken and nearly dead from the gauntlet of the new Hydra, so how can he take down the combined might of Cobra and the... View »

  • JAN150820  ·  CONSENSUS: 97%
    All-New Captain America #5
    Marvel Comics  ·  Mar 18th, 2015  ·  $3.99

    The countdown to great leveling begins. Planet Hydra Is all but assured. Captain America is our last hope. View »

  • FEB150810  ·  CONSENSUS: 96%
    All-New Captain America #6
    Marvel Comics  ·  Apr 29th, 2015  ·  $3.99

    Baron Blood vs Captain America, Hydra's war is won, and Zemo's atrocities continue. Sam Wilson will earn his stripes -- the single greatest sacrifice in a lifetime of them--and he will never be the same again. The... View »

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