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  • Shawnlevesque

    if anyone is looking for a comic book podcast.


    it's my favorite comic book podcast.

    they generally talk about/ review 1DC book + 1 MARVEL book + 1 INDY book + 1 Graphic Novel every week.

    very entertaining and fun

    Weekly podcast featuring comic book and graphic novel reviews, previews and news. Powered by Horizon Comics....
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    • Shawnlevesque

      I did :)
      I 've been a listener of the podcast for the last  15 episodes. but never submited to the trivia until recently.

      I won America Vampire, which im looking forward too since its been a series I missed when it came out

  • Shawnlevesque

    does anyone else buy comics just for the cover sometimes?

    I hate doing this, but I do it soooo often.

    my latest attempt is to buy all covers after todd mcfarlane's spider-man #1. this weeks addition of Deadpool: back in black #5.

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    • CaptainNervous

      Yes. I've bought comics just because of the cover. I still read the comics and sometimes even find a hidden gem buying this way. I was getting some Silk comics at the end of it's run because of the Helen Chen covers but I wasn't a fan of the story or interior art. I also went through a period where I was buying every cover that Chrissie Zullo did. Right now I'm buying Supergirl because of the Artgerm variant covers--but that turned out to be a half way decent comic.

  • Shawnlevesque

    Just found out that one favorite writers (in this case Jeff Lemire). made a surprise visit at my local comic shop for a meet and greet last week and I missed it :(

  • Shawnlevesque

    anyone reading Saga?

    any thoughts?

    is it worth picking up or is it over rated?

    I've heard good things, and I can purchase the first 2 hardcover books which would run from #1 to #36

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    • Shawnlevesque

      thank you everyone for your help.

      I've decided to pass on this deal and be financially responsible :)
      I will read Saga in the future however.

      you guys are the best !!

  • Shawnlevesque

    just went to my LCBS to pick up my books.

    Thought I would pick up a few extras titles from the shelf just to realise they dont order extra of the following title to have on the shelf

    • Action Comics
    • Daredevil
    • Injustice 2
    • Justice League
    • Nightwing
    • Superman
    • X-men: Gold

    Got some attitude when I asked if they had any extra that werent put out on the shelf yet. was told I should order in advance

    it just seemed crazy to me that I have to order everything in advance. Especially for titles I would think they would sell during the week (im the first client there and hes "sold out").

    probably time I switch LCBS, this one has never been great for customer service

    sorry just had to vent a little

    on a positice side, im very much looking forward in reading what was in my pull list :)

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    • gregroyj42

      I've talked to my shop owner about thhis.  He said he usally orders at least a few extras of all DC, Marvel, and now Image books.  He said it gets dicey with the other independant publishers.   He can really order only what people have requested, but if there is a book that has a lot of preorders he will order some extra.

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