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  • shadefoundry
    shadefoundry commented on the comic, Spider-Verse #2
    Spider-Verse #2

    So I've actually been looking up summaries of the issues in this mini after reading them, and I still have no clue what's actually going on. This series feels so much like filler and I'm struggling to see the point, even though I did enjoy Aunt May's interactions with her family.

    • voltronforce0
      Yeah, the whole series seems super boring and might have been an ok filler arch in Miles' title, but as a separate title it's not very good.
  • shadefoundry
    shadefoundry commented on the comic, Nightwing #61
    Nightwing #61

    So I'm pretty mixed on this story arc. The idea of Dick losing his memory isn't inherently a bad one, and the writing has been solid enough that I'm picking up each issue, but I'm getting real tired of not having the traditional nightwing back. It's starting to get over-long, but unlike stories like Superior Spider-Man or Commissioner Gordon as Batman, it feels like this arc is kind of treading...

    • The_Kilted_Fett

      Yeah... I've held out as long as I can. I'm out til the real Dick Grayson is back.

  • shadefoundry
    shadefoundry commented on the comic, Fantastic Four #10
    Fantastic Four #10

    I enjoyed this issue a lot more than I enjoyed the last story arc. Even though it was a tie-in, it felt like a return to form for slott's run, and managed to be more in line with the first arc because of it.

    • Sanquhar
      Agreed. The last ended on a weak note for me and despite the tie-in, it was a fun romp. And who doesn’t love a good blintz?!
  • shadefoundry
    shadefoundry commented on the comic, The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #2
    The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #2

    This issue was pretty well written, its a shame that the storyline itself is super boring.

  • shadefoundry
    shadefoundry commented on the comic, Witchblade #13
    Witchblade #13

    I had my reservations about this arc to start, since post-apocalyptic stuff is so overdone these days. This issue was an entertaining twist on it though. Nothing genre redefining or anything, but still a good time.

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