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  • Sanquhar
    Sanquhar commented on the comic, Conspiracy: Men In Black #1
    Conspiracy: Men In Black #1
    This was objectively bad. Story. Art. Every bit of it.
  • Sanquhar
    Sanquhar commented on the comic, SFSX (Safe Sex) #5
    SFSX (Safe Sex) #5
    I went into this series with high hopes. It’s not that’s it’s bad but I still have yet to be grabbed by the story and the art has been inconsistent, if not downright bad at times. I’ll keep it on my pull list until this arc wraps up but I’m pretty much over this book.
  • Sanquhar
    I’ve been disappointed with Slott’s work on Fantastic Four. While the nostalgia-fest of the first few issues were fun, the wedding was a nice touch, and his ability to write the characters true to themselves is good,...
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    • Rath_of_Un

      Great Review! I'll keep my Eyes out for that issue at my FLCS

  • Sanquhar
    Sanquhar commented on the comic, Marauders #1
    Marauders #1
    That was fun! Love the premise and it sets up for many great issues to come.
  • Sanquhar
    Sanquhar commented on the comic, Trees: Three Fates #2
    Trees: Three Fates #2
    Here we are, 5 years after the series was introduced, and Ellis is finally letting into the purpose of the trees. Can’t wait to read more.
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