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  • Sadistak
    Sadistak commented on the comic, Cyborg #23
    Cyborg #23

    The series was getting much better with Marv Wolfman's writing . I wish they had given him another 3 issues at least .

    • IstvanTheHun

      Agreed, what an ignominious and inauspicious ending. Figured Wolfman would get enough respect to be allowed to finish an arc at the very least.

  • Sadistak
    Sadistak commented on the comic, Superman #18
    Superman #18

    When i thought New 52 was worst thing to happen to DC comics i never predicted King and Bendis coming . I don't think I could hate writers more than i do these two . I feel like they are just doing things to get attention  since they are sh*t and will never be remembered for great story arcs  . With the damage King has done on his way off Batman and all the crap Bendis has done i'm very...

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    • Taren

      @Sadistic Yep. I am just now reading his JSA and boy o boy am I in love with that run! I love all of it. You are right his Mr. Terrific is amazing. I am on book 3 of his JSA run. The other thing I love about Johns writing is it goes down like water. For whatever reason I can read book after book of his work. Whereas someone like Hickman I need to digest a bit more... If that makes sense. 

  • Sadistak
    Sadistak commented on the comic, Event Leviathan #6
    Event Leviathan #6
    I've been leaning toward hating Bendis since He ruined Jon Kent and this series  sealed it . Bunch of nothing interesting happens . I hope Bendis goes back to Marvel so I never have to encounter him again .
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    • Taren

      This series is a not that great. I did like his Superman and Action Comics. Heck his lead in series, Man Of Steel was excellent. 

  • Sadistak
    Sadistak commented on the comic, Superman: Year One #2
    Superman: Year One #2

    It doesn't feel like the Superman I've been reading for decades.  I find that if I don't think of it being Superman , I like it but it just isn't right for the character to me , 

  • Sadistak
    Sadistak commented on the comic, Harleen #1
    Harleen #1

    Beautiful book ! Not only is the art beautiful but I think it's best written book I've read by someone who is primarily an artist  ,

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