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  • rvdhood

    Hey guys, I just watched the riverdale pilot this weekend (and it was surprisingly nice —considering it's the cw and I don't really trust their writers that much), and it made me wanna get into archie comics. Does anyone have suggestions on where to start? 

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    • Brandinosaur

      I think the show is going to be great. I agree with karsnark, there were a couple things in the pilot that made me cringe. I haven't been an Archie fan for long but from what I can tell most of the characters are adapted fairly faithfully for modern day (aside from the whole Grundy shit-show). A pilot is rarely an indicator for how a series will evolve so I'm interested to see how the show settles in tonally. I'm going back and forth right now but  I think this show is going to be fun.

  • is it me or does sometime the drawing style/coloring suddenly change in the middle of the comic? i can't help but notice there's a slight difference between the art in the first semester arc and this one (despite...
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    • StreetHawke
      Yeah. He is kept pretty busy with other projects as well. I'm glad this was the book that introduced me to his art. He is far and above my favorite artist now. He is working on a new book as well, Isola. It isn't out yet, but there is a prologue for it running in the back of Motor Crush issues. You might like it :)
  • rvdhood

    anyone here has read/is reading the mighty thor? is it any good? 

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    • Blackpoll

      Agree with everyone above. Jason Aaron's is writing an excellent series. Not a single weak issue in the series. Great action, lot's of humor, multiple story lines - definitely worth reading.

  • rvdhood
    rvdhood commented on the comic, Supergirl: Being Super #1
    Supergirl: Being Super #1

    Really great issue. I love how well the characters —especially Kara— are written, I wish some were less stereotypical than others but I'm guessing this is something that might be taken care of in future issues. Also, amazing art from Joelle Jones! 

    I can't wait to see where this goes!

    • Taren

      Yeah,  I am loving this.  The art is outstanding! 

  • rvdhood

    Hey everyone. I'm trying to get more into Green Lantern, specifically Hal Jordan. Is the Rebirth arc a good place to start ? If not, can you please provide some suggestions?

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    • Steiner

      Green Lantern: Secret origin it's a perfect start, after that you can skip to Sinestro Corps War (if you want to see the start of rainbow lanterns)... Everything by Johns is great. 

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