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  • rpawson
    rpawson commented on the comic, Lazarus: Risen #2
    Lazarus: Risen #2

    The big fight between Forever, Zerefino, and "Joacquim" was excellent, as expected. I was not expecting the scene between Marisol and Eve to be so visceral and raw. I've been mild to moderately upset about it all day.

  • rpawson
    rpawson commented on the comic, Lazarus #27
    Lazarus #27

    Very interesting news in the letter column about the schedule for upcoming issues in the series.

    • Issue 28 still scheduled for May
    • After that, schedule changes to quarterly, 64 page issues. 44 pages of comic (equivalent of two issues), 20 pages of letters, essays, artifacts, and short fiction from both Greg Rucka and other contributors
    • Issue 29 therefore planned for September...
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    • rpawson

      I haven't heard anything for certain, and in the recent AMA Greg said that it won't be solicited until (I believe) 3 of the 5 issues are in the can. I have a hunch that The Old Guard may not be back until 2019, but I hope it returns again this year!

  • rpawson
    rpawson commented on the comic, Lazarus Sourcebook #3: Vassalovka
    Lazarus Sourcebook #3: Vassalovka

    The conclusion of the Cull arc and the conclusion of X+66 really makes it seem like Vassalovka is going to be front and center as Carlyle (and Forever's) primary antagonist for the rest of the series -- or at least for the immediate future. This look into Vassalovka should be equally parts fascinating and disconcerting.

  • rpawson
    rpawson commented on the comic, Lazarus: X+66 #6
    Lazarus: X+66 #6

    This series comes to a close the week of February 14 before the Vassalovka sourcebook hits the week after. Then the main series resumes in April, the trade collection of the sourcebooks comes out in April, and the trade collection of Lazarus X+66 comes out in April. 2018 is shaping up to be a great year for all things Lazarus!

  • rpawson
    rpawson commented on the comic, Lazarus: X+66 #5
    Lazarus: X+66 #5

    This was a great read, as expected. I loved each of the following: The call back to Jonah's shoes being stolen in issue 10 of the main series The call back to the Conclave arc The fact that this issue shared time and space with X+66 #3, the San Francisco Lift Ball.

    The art was exceptional in this issue, Bilquis Evely is quite a talent!

    • bloodandink

      Haven't read this yet but she's quickly becoming one of my fav new artists. Would love to see her on a team book, or even on a new indie Rucka series.

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