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  • rolando91

    Since the quarantining looks like it's going to last for awhile, thought I'd reach out for some more recommendations. This time, I'm thinking of the best comic for every MCU hero. So, for example, I'm thinking most people would say "Captain America - Winter Soldier by Brubaker" etc. Try to pick one for each:

    Captain America

    Iron Man

    Black Widow




    Captain Marvel


    Black Panther


    Guardians of the Galaxy (or individual characters)

    Doctor Strange

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    • zennlavian

      Lots of good suggestions already. For Captain America, I recommend the brief Roger Stern / John Byrne run, or any issue with Mike Zeck as the penciller - he's the best, in my book (try 281-283 as a primer). Iron Man, you've got to read the David Micheline / Bob Layton runs, mostly with JRJR on art. There's an  Epic Collection, Stark Wars, that collects an amazing run.  I loved Jason Aaron's Thor, but Walt Simonson's beats it, and is in fact one of my favorite runs of all time. Dr. Strange, I'd say go back to the original stuff - like, the first of the Marvel Essential collections as a cheap way to read it. Roger Stern has a terrific run, too. Warren Ellis had a brief stint on Dr. Strange but I think it's best appreciated if you ground in the classics first so you can see how weird he gets.

  • rolando91

    I hope everyone is staying safe during this crazy time. If you can work from home, now is the time to deep dive into some new comics!

    For me, I'm going to continue my Valiant Comics marathon as well as dive into a few series that I've had for awhile and/or recently received that I haven't gotten to yet. For me (may not read everything now, but all definitely in my queue):

    -Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender (omnibus)

    - Astro City by Kurt Busiek (Comixology Unlimited)

    - Mind MGMT by Matt Kindt (Comixology Unlimited)

    - Hellboy by John Byrne and Mike Mignola (Comixology Unlimited)

    - Hellblazer by Jamie Delano (Comixology Unlimited)

    - Daytripper by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba (TPB)

    How about you all?

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    • PKcomic411

      5 stars for YOU for getting Daytripper! If anyone, old or young ever expresses interested in reading comics, or "sequential art" I say to those barely interested, I lend them Daytripper. 100% success rate.

  • rolando91
    rolando91 commented on the comic, Rai #5
    Rai #5
    This continues to be a fantastic series. The conversation between Rai and Gilad at the end was perfect.
  • rolando91
    rolando91 commented on the comic, Bloodshot #7
    Bloodshot #7
    Definitely a step in the right direction, but we'll see if it continues on next month.
  • rolando91
    rolando91 commented on the comic, Bloodshot #5
    Bloodshot #5
    Just seems like a bad comic from the 90s. Story isn't there, art is inconsistent and any sort of depth to the character that was reborn with the 2012 reboot is surface level. Very disappointed so far.
    • PKcomic411
      Duane S's run got me back into comics it was so good. Everyone else after him just worse and worse imo
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