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  • rlj3
    rlj3 commented on the comic, The Batman Who Laughs #3
    The Batman Who Laughs #3

    Not a fan of the artwork at all. Sucks because this is such an amazing looking character and he is being drawn like this in his first series. 

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    • rlj3

      Agreed Fabok is one of my Favorites also but I do have to say Lee Bermejo is cranking out some amazing work on the Damned books. So he might be moving to my favorite spot but none of them can hold a candle to good old Bernie Wrightson (R.I.P.)

  • rlj3
    rlj3 commented on the comic, Hack/Slash vs. Chaos #3
    Hack/Slash vs. Chaos #3

    The Kyle Hotz cover looks AMAZING!!! Reminds me of the good old Evil Ernie days!

  • rlj3
    First I want to say I love Carnage! The story was excellent and the cover artwork was awesome but the interior artwork is nothing to write home about. I don't know why marvel always uses cartoon artists for their interiors....
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