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The Amazing Spider-Man #2
January 9th, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

I loved this second issue, and I can't help but say that. I'm starting to really get into the direction Nick Spencer i going and how he is writing these characters. I also really enjoy Ryan Ottley's art in this issue; I found it better in this issue. This creative team is definitely starting to grow on me.

Peter Parker is in really positive spirits as he is starting to reconnect romantically with MJ and he is getting another chance at E.S.U. Of course, as we found out last issue, we found out that Curt Conners A.K.A The Lizard is the person who requested Peter be giving another chance. Turns out Dr. Conners has been reinstated as a professor and apparently currently has The Lizard under control again due to a chip in his neck.Taskmaster and the Black Ant show up to try and steal a device. The Lizard can't do anything becauseof the inhibitor chip in his neck. There is no way for Peter to slip out so Spider-Man can appear. He pulls down some vials to create a mist to hide in. Spider-Man appears and takes care of the mercenaries. Afterwards, Spider-Man helps a civilian up who he recognizes; none other than Peter Parker.

Excited to see where this goes!

Loved It


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