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The Amazing Spider-Man #1
December 28th, 2018
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Holy, was this ever a loaded first issue.

First of all I have to adress what I think of the new creative so far on my favourite heroes book. I was skepticle, but so far with this first issue I have liked where Nick Spencer is going. With my limited experience with Nick Spencer I wasn't sure about him as the choice for writer, and am still not completely, but so far, so good. From the beginning, Ryan Ottley has been viewed as a great choice as main artist on this series by many, including myself. I overall enjoyed Ottley's work here too, although I also did kind of find myself a little disappointed also. I don't fully know why I was disappointed with Ottley's work, because usually I really enjoy it. The one thingnk about that bugged me was that I kind of found the faces a bit too blocky to my liking, especially with Peter and MJ.

I actually don't know where to start when talking about what happened in this issue, because so much did. Peter got fired from the Daily Bugle after accusations of plagiarism come up regarding his time at E.S.U; the time period when Otto Octavius took over as the Superior Spider-Man. After these accusations come up we see Aunt May at possibly her most disappointed in Peter for not taking responsibility. Peter and Mj are now seemingly back together as after Peter speaks from his heart Mj initiates a kiss. Spider-Man also had to deal with what was seemingly an alien invasion, only to turn out to be another scheme from Mysterio. The issue started out with Peter revealing who his new roomates are in Randy Robertson and Fred Myers, A.K.A the Boomerang. The first story ends with Peter back at E.S.U trying to get an opportunity to prove himself. He is given one because of one man, and one man only, Curt Conners, A.K.A The Lizard.

The second story (still written by Nick Spencer but now drawn by one of by personal favourites Humberto Ramos) focuses on Mysterio in court after his alien Invasion illusion. The Beetle shows up to be his defense and advises Quentin to role with her Non-Guilty by reason of insanity plea.All of a sudden things get freaky and ths mysterious person shows up, saying Quetin has had enough chances. This mysterious figure even name drops Pete when they talk about Spider-Man. The figure ends of giving Quentin one last chance as the scene goes back to regular all of a sudden in the middle of the trial. Mysterio switches his plea as he questions if he really is losing his mind.

Great first issue, can't wait to read more!

Really Liked It


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