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Crowded #1
Crowded #1 Review
August 25th, 2018
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
This was a really fun read. We are introduced to Charlie, someone who does a lot of different jobs in this futuristic digital world and seems pretty ordinary. The thing is though for some reason she has a Reapr Campaign on her, which is the equivalent of a hit. Charlie hires the lowest rated bodyguard on Dfend, Vita. Vita tries to avoid killing, which the customers don't like, and focuses on the actual guarding part. Charlie did try for people rated higher. Vita does end up accepting the gig and then ends up taking Charlie, and the dog she now has back to her house. This is where we get to see Vita's daily routine and her old fashioned lifestyle. We also meet a drunk Charlie. At the end of the issue Charlie calls someone she thought was a friend after she saw their username on the list of people who supported the hit which Vita showed Charlie, which she promisedwould be decoded. This brings a lot of people to the safehouse. I like the two main characters and I enjoyed the art a surprising amount. Can't wait for more!
Really Liked It


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