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King Thor #3
King Thor #3 Review
July 31st, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Man, I love Jason Aaron's Thor, and I am sad to see it almost gone, with this being the penultimate issue. I have highly been enjoying this mini-series that is the finale to this epic saga. I love Esad Ribic's work.

Thor escapes the Necro-ocean, while calling on the All-Storm to battle Gorr. Gorr still has the upperhand, but Thor's Grandaughter's reappear to join the battle against the God Butcher. The Grandaughter's reveal they brought some allies, the last remaining Sky Gods of Indigarr; a planet that was without Gods, which Thor transplanted Gods to after the Godbomb incident and a prayer from a little girl. Gorr is told these Gods are his real legacy. Thor demands Loki be saved from the Necro-Ocean, and Toothgnasher pulls him out. Just when they think they have Gorr dead to rights, the Necro-Sword shows it's true power. The issue ends with the universe going dark and the Necro-Verse being born; with Thor and company still ready to battle until the end.

Awesome stuff. Can't wait to read how this concludes!

Loved It


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  • Imcubillo

    Just read this as well and it was epic, the whole package from art to story is awesome. This was a great series to cap what Aaron was doing. 

    Reply  ·  3 days ago