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The Immortal Hulk #24
June 5th, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

It's been a while, but I really enjoyed this like usual. There's a decent amount of bombshells in this issue. Al Ewing's run with the Immortal Hulk has been one of the best comics of the last few years. Joe Bennett's art is awesome, he's so great on a horror-heavy title like this.

After Fortean accidentally/carelessly kills his own men, Dr. McGowan takes over Shadow Base from him. Hulk then kills Fortean in the regular realm, before Joe kills him behind the Green Door. Doc Samson then returns to life when Hulk does, as he was also behind the Green Door. Hulk then tells Samson about his plans to take over Shadow Base, and Samson says he's gonna stick around to keep an eye on him. The issue ends with us seeing Hulk as the last one standing at the end of all things eons from now, as we see him destroy the cosmic force that made Galactus.

Can't wait to read the next issue!

Really Liked It


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  • NightRidah240
    Bruce doesn't kill, Joe does!
    Reply  ·  2 months ago
  • Rjepic1

    Sorry, you're right. Messed up when writing the review as I was trying to get it out quick. Will edit.

    Reply  ·  2 months ago