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Exiles #5
Exiles #5 Review
May 22nd, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

This is probably my favourite issue so far; the issue still drags a bit but isn't as bad. This series almost feels the exact opposite of Salahdin Ahmed. I wish I could fully connect with this title; this issue had some really good moments though. I still don't like Javier Rodriguez's art. 

The team figures out a way to stop Kang, who is the Time-Eater. Valkyrie, Wolvie, and Iron Lad stay to Kang while the other go to get the Tallus back to the Unseen to undo everything. Saving the multiverse will come at the cost of not being able to go back to their homes. A Nick Fury from the past is the only one that can lead them where they need to, as he's connected to the Tallus. On the way, Khan (the best character) sacrifices herself to take out a ton of Kang's with her, so the team can make it. When they are succesful the past Nick Fury also dies, but Kang is bested, at least for now. The team goes back to the Unseen; who warns them there will be more work to do. The Exiles are gonna take a little vactation though (after a tribute to Khan), as they hang at a place of Blink's Aunt in the Bahamas.

I feel like this series probabably could've ended here if tweaked. Intrigued to see what's to come though!

Really Liked It


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