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Major X #1
Major X #1 Review! (my 1,250th Review!)
Major X #1 Review
May 22nd, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Well this is my second attempt at writing this review after my laptop fucked me over. I was surprised that I liked this as I'm not a big Liefeld fan. This both suffers and prospers from feeling so stuck in the 90's. 

Major X and M'Koys home of te X-ISTENCE has crumbled and they have gone to the past in the 616 for help. The X-force and Cable are takend down at first as Major needs it so Cable will listen. Wolverine shows up but Major whips out an Adamantium sword made from Wolverine's remains after his death in the future. A name named Dreadpool (who's a Deadpool with shoulder-pads) shows up to kill Major, M'Koy and Cable; working for the people who destroyed the X-ISTENCE. Deadpool then shows up to stop Dreadpool. After the chaos ends Major explains the situation and how he needs help. Cable says he thinks he knows who Major is and tells him he can unmask. The issue ends with Major unmasking and revealing he is Alexsander Nathaniel Summers, Cable's Son. 

Great ending. Intrigued to see how this plays out!

Liked It


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