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Uncanny X-Men #18
May 13th, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

This series is really getting depressing with all the negatives that have been happening; while saying that, I did enjoy this issue. Overall, Matthew Rosenberg's run on this series has been quite good. The art in this issue was pretty good.

The issue begins with Logan telling Magik he is leaving the X-Men, and we see he means it. The X-Men then go to take down the Marauders for a slaughter it is believed they have done. THe Marauders say they didn't do it, but Chamber isn't hearing it and kills them all. Before they all die one of them stabs and kills Chamber as he fights with Scott. The X-Men then teleport back to find Mr. Sinister waiting for them. Sinister seems to have the upperhnd at first, but he ends up surrendering. Alex almost makes himeself lose stability, but thankfully it doesn't. With Harry's destroyed, they are forced to find a new hideout, and Shan provides them with one. Shan actually also ends up leaving the team in this issue because she feels hated; she tells Dani that she's doing this. We learn that none of them remember Emma frost, and she must be hiding herself. At the end of the issue we see Emma and Mystique together, as Mystique is apparently getting a call from the X-Men.

Intrigued to see what comes next!

Liked It


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