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Avengers #22
Avengers #22 Review
April 20th, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

I was really enjoying this issue at points, but then this also also kind of drags quite a bit. I've had high hopes for this story arc, so this opening part of this story kind of disappointed me some. Overall, I have been enjoying Jason Aaron's run on this title. Stefano Caseli's art is good overall. My main issue with this is the new look Daimon Helstrom is given in this issue; I hate it, and part of the reason is because I think it makes him look more like a villain than an anti-hero.

The issue begins with Robbie trying to innocently drive his brother Gabe to School. Things go wrong when all of a sudden Robbie can't control the Hellcharger, as he hears a demonic voice haunting him. The Hellcharger threatens Gabe's life, so Robbie goes to the Avengers, asking them for help to not be a Ghost Rider anymore. T'Challa mentions how he has a guest coming to Avengers Mountain to help with this; but before they appears he tries to run some tests and the Hellcharger freaks out. This is when Daimon Helstrom shows up, e gives Blade what is called the "Breathing Gun"; saying that if things go wrong to shoot Robbie, him, then the Hellcharger. Daimon tries to perform an exorcism on the car, but Robbie hears a voice before being teleported to Hell; where Johnny Blaze offers to race Robbie Reyes for the Hellcharger.

On to the next one!

Liked It


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