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Deadpool #14
Deadpool #14 Review
March 25th, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

This one was quite a bit better than the last issue, but I still didn't love this tie-in story. These two issues have been the weakest in Skottie Young's run. I enjoyed Nic Klein's art more in this one. The lack of real conclusion to this story really annoyed me; why make us read a forced tie-in if we can't even get a proper conclusion?

Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage show up to help. Eventually Deadpool comes up with the solution of the Trolls becoming tourist attractions in New Zealand, and Ulik accepts. Except this isn't the right Ulik, as it's Ulik the Conquerable. The Unconquerable Ulik shows up with his own wave of Trolls, and the issue ends with  Deadpool ditching this mission to go do his own thing.

I hope Skottie Young concludes his run with a bang!

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