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Captain Marvel: The End #1
Finally one of these is great.
February 28th, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Holy sh*t; I figured I could rely on this creative team with Captain Marvel to fianally provide a good one of the End one-shots, but I never expected it to be as great as this was. This was a beautifully tragic one-shot. Possibly a perfectly witten Captain Marvel, and maybe the perfect way for her to be killed. Kelly Thompson and carmen Carnero are a hell of a creative team. 

Carol was in another galaxy when the Earth was supposedly wiped clean well over a decade earlier, and she receives a signal that gets her to finally return to Earth again. Carol is surprised to find some old friends and kids of old friends, having not found anybody when she searched the Earth before. SOme people of not who have survived are Jessica and Gerry Drew, Hazmat, Emma Frost, and Dani Cage. A daughter of Danny Rand and Misty Knight is revealed, and she's Dani's wife. Clint and Natasha had a daughter. Rhodey also had a daughter, and named her Carol Rhoades. Carol takes up being Captain Marvel again and help them beat a giant, prehistoric creature. Btw, Carol's is basically a being of energy at this point. Carol learns how the survivors can't properly live outside for more than an hour without freezing to death, as the sun is either dead or dying. Carol decides to sacrifice herself in the best possible way, by restarting the sun and saving the Earth one last time. The moments between Jess and Carol in this issue were also just great.

Well, none of the other "The End" one-shots can beat this!

Loved It


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