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DIE #10
DIE #10 Review
February 27th, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

This was a pretty good way to end the arc, and quite a lot happened in this issue. Gillen and Hans keep doing great work on this title.

We learn how Ash's dictator voice works, and it's binding abilities and limits. We then see Ash use her voice to take control of all the dictators of Angria, bind Zamoma to devotion towards herself, and become Queen of Angria. We get flashbacks in this issue about Ash and Zamoma's past; Zamoma started out courting Isabelle, but quickly turned to Ash, who had wanted the attention. Ash talks about how Isabelle hated her, but they have kind of made up. Augustus is freed from imprisonment by Ash too. 

We then see Chuck appear and free Angela and Matt from their cells. Chuck surprisingly gets the two to go on the run with him, saying how with Ash taking over Angria she won't let them out. The three vote on whether to bring Sol with them, all three vote not to. Sol is confronted by Charlotte afterwards as to why he didn't fight to go; Sol says he's happy Ash is relaxed and wants to watch her. Upon learning there friends are on the run, Ash sends Zamoma after them and tells him to try not to hurt them. Ash keeps mentioning how this was Isabelle's idea, and they have to play to win. Isabelle reminds Ash that the evil Queens never win; Ash simply says: "Watch Me."

Can't wait for the next arc!

Really Liked It


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