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Detective Comics #1017
February 21st, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Ah man, Tom Taylor hitts us with another tragically beautiful tale. I loved this, it made me wish Taylor was writing this title. If Taylor ever gets to do a Batman ongoing I would be so happy. The art by Blanco really suited the story being told. I knew this would be an all-around great issue.

This issue revolves around the Martha Wayne Orphanage. Lucius finds out a kid named named Miguel has run away from the Orphanage, and asks Bruce to investigate as he's the third one recently. Batman recruits Robin to the investigation, and eventually they find Miguel. Sadly, Miguel ends up dying from hypothermia; luckily Miguel gives them important information about kids going missing before he does. Bruce figures out that Peter (the man running the Orphanage) was letting kids be taken after being threatened. Bruce punches Peter before the cops arrest him. Bruce promises from now on he will take better care of the Orphanage and be more involved; he even names a section after Miguel.

Loved this. On to the next one!

Loved It


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  • Wheezy1892
    It was a good one shot. Not many 'one and done' comics these days so it was quite refreshing as well. I like that tec has been focusing on the investigating/criminal mystery a lot, I think tomasi hasn't always stuck the landing or the pay off didn't live up to it the mystery but it's been a solid run thus far
    Reply  ·  5 months ago
  • Rjepic1

    It was refreshing. It helped to have a different writer in Taylor on too. I've overall liked Tomasi's run, though I can't say this title has been one of my favourites, but solid like you said. 

    Reply  ·  5 months ago