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The Unexpected #3
February 13th, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

This was definitely the weakest issue of this series so far in my opinion; I really didn't care much until Onimar Synn shows up halfway through. Cary Nord does not have the best art in my opinion. I haven't read much from Steve Orlando, but I've never loved anything I have read.

Neon and Firebrand go talk to someone named June who knew Elligh the heir to the Orck kindom, who was one of the two of Neon's teammates killed in issue one. We learn that Elligh was hunting down and protecting Orck weapons from falling into the one hands. We learn that there may have been more Nth Metal that Elligh was protecting. Neon and Firebrand have a small fight, but then end up promising to finish Elligh's work. The two then go to Monster Valley in Siberia and find a base of operations that is almost like a bomb shelter. They find some sort of weapon that has a vial of Nth Metal inside it; this is when Onimar Synn shows up and consumes what's in the vial. Our heroes don't fight with Onimar Synn at first, only after Firebrand points out that she believes the "Sin-Eater is currently wounded and maybe even dying. Firebrand lights up but doesn't seem to be a match for Onimar at this juncture. Neon calls upon a dinosaur to distract Onimar while the two escape. We see Onimar quickly take care of the dinosaur after they leave. Onimar tells his henchman he is able to do more things again for now, as he temporarily has some of his strength back. The issue ends with NEon and Firebrand arriving in Gotham, being met by none other than the Huntress herself, who seems ready for a fight.

Intrigued to see where this goes!

Liked It


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