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The Immortal Hulk #19
November 9th, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Wow, this was yet again another incredible issue. Al Ewing keeps taking this title into unexpected territory. The art by Joe Bennett is so beautiful, but so grotesque; he has the perfect art style for this title.

The issue starts with a flashback where General Fortean gives Betty the analogy that pushes the story of this issue. Abomination gets the upper hand on Hulk in the present; using his new acid to melt key parts of the hulk, seeing it tested first on the Hulk's arms. We see that Shadow Base has some troops on the outskirts of town to make sure no one can escape to alert proper authorities. These goons kill the one desk lady that survived last issue; and this is when Betty and Jackie show up. Betty kills evey goon of Shadow Base she comes across; even though (as Jackie states) she doesn't have to. At his point, Hulk has a lack of arms, legs, and eyes. Betty ends up finding Hulk and Abomination, you may expect her to help Hulk when it comes down to it but she doesn't. Instead, Betty starts ripping open Hulk's chest, before she rips out his heart and starts eating it. General Fortean watches on happily, as theve been viewing everything with cameras from their base.

I just realized I forgot to mention how Dr. McGowan isn't happy that they've unleashed Abomination in such a public place.

Great stuff. On to the next arc!

Loved It


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