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The Immortal Hulk #14
October 2nd, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

I thought this was a really good read; but saying that, I also thought this was the weakest issue so far, at least in my opinion. Al Ewing does geat here again really; I don't know if I can place anything really off with the writing per se (besides maybe a little slow to me.) I think my issue with this comic was the art; I'm personally not a fan of Kyle Hotz art. I will admit that while I don't love his work, this was probably my favourite of Hotz stuff.

The issue begins with the (third) funeral of General Thunderbolt Ross. We see his daughter Betty attend, not showing much when it comes to emotions. General Fotean speaks at Ross' funeral; who Betty doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of. Betty then heads home after shutting down a ride from Tony Stark; not happy with his weapon levelling a town when the Avengers faced the Hulk. Once home, Betty comes home to Bruce waiting for her. Betty's instinct is to slap Bruce for not getting ahold of him sooner, but she just ends up kissing him instead. Betty says they should head inside, as not to be heard; us readers learn she also signalled for someone's assistance. We learn that Agent Burbank is outside Betty's house ready to take a shot at Bruce; but with his thermal on he can't tell who is who. Bruce and Betty start to get into real talk, with Betty just about to get real with how she feels to Bruce as she's shot in the head; Agent Burbank having gone against his orders by General Fortean not to shoot. It is night, so the Hulk comes out and goes after Burbank. Fortean says to Burbank because it's night, and none of them (in a plural sense) can be killed them; as we see Betty's eyes glow red and her make a noise. Burbank battles Hulk but is thrown out of the way by the person Betty signalled for; this person is none other than Doc Samson, back from the dead and basically saying he wants to help Bruce.

Can't wait to see where this goes!

Really Liked It


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