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Justice League Dark #12
September 29th, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Man, this series is so great. This was such a great conclusion to the "Lords of Order" arc. I know I say this a lot, but Tynion is such a great writer. I have loved what Tynion has been doing with this series and its characters. It literally feels like I'm reading a saga; I hope this series doesn't end for a long time, literally years. Bueno's art is incredible yet again.

Throughout the issue we have flashbacks back to the day that Wonder Woman got the JLD approved by the rest of the League. We get to see the basement of the Hall of Justice, where some dangerous dark magic artifacts are hidden. Batman talks to Diana by himself later on, stating his concerns. Diana says no one is apart of both worlds as much as her, so she's the perfect one to do this.

In the Fallen Empire of Kor, we see all the magic users lined up to have their magic and memories stripped. Khalid almost has it done to him, but things change quick as Wonder Woman and Zatanna show up, now powered by chaos magic. Diana and Zatanna share the chaos magic with the rest of the team, and they become the new Lords of Chaos. The Lords of both Order and Chaos engage in battle. Khalid, Jason Blood, and Zatanna work together to free Kent Nelson, the Question, and John Constantine from Nabu's Helm. Bobo uses the power from his sword to cut off the magic of the beiing connected to Madame Xanadu, freeing her. Nabu goes crazy, saying he doesn't need a host, but they make it so he does. The battle ends and the chaos magic power goes away. They say they need to reshape things for the better, and the Ruby of Life is deeply involved in that. Zatanna is tasked with it at first, but then it's passed to Wonder Woman as Zatanna doesn't want it. Diana takes the task of shaping magic into a way out of the dark into her hands, promising everyone around that the Justice League of the Dark will solve any crises and protect them. The issue ends with Diana crushing the Ruby of Life.

Great stuff. Can't wait to read what comes next!

Loved It


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