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Uncanny X-Men #15
September 24th, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

I've got to say that I really enjoyed this issue. Matthew Rosenberg has been taking the X-Men in a really interesting direction. I am enjoying how Cyclops has been written since his return. We also have quite a cool ensemble of characters on this title. I am also still enjoying Larroca's art.

We see the issue open up with Dark Beast offering to try and help Shan (and the rest of the New Mutants) by curing them of the Transmode virus. We then go over to Cyclops and Captain America talking, while Wolverine and Havok bear witness. Cap says he can't keep up like he is, that he's trying to help, and that they can't trust Valerie Cooper. Cap gives some more advice before leaving because he can't be seen helping them right now; Cap gives Scott a card to contact him with on the way out.

The X-Men the go to stop the Mutant Liberation Front's next attack. Scott goes to talk with Banshee and Hope; Hope is having none of what Scott's saying.Wolverine shows up to stop Hope; but when Wolverine attacks her it makes her pull the trigger, shooting Scott in the eye. Hope ends up getting the shot off to assassinate a politician that was their target; Wolverine then injures Hope. Scott wakes up at Harry's, learning Dark Beast helped save him, but now he's one eye less; Scott is literally living up to the name Cyclops now. We learn that all the Mutant Liberation Front are being held upstairs, besides Banshee who's on the roof. We also learned that Dark Beast also got the Transmode virus out of the New Mutants. The issue ends with us learning that the new host for Warlock is a duplicate of Multiple Man. 

I really liked this issue. Can't wait to read the next one!

Really Liked It


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