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Spider-Geddon #5
September 11th, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

I thought this was a pretty good finale to Spider-Geddon. Christos Gage did a good job with this overall; though there were some pretty weak spots in this event. I was gonna complain that there was too many artists on this issue, but it actually kind of worked here. A lot of things happened in this one comic, so I'm going to try and keep it short and sweet.

The gang is confronted by the Enigma Force. Miles speaks up against it and we see later on that the Enigma Force lets Miles host it, until near the end of the issue. We see Spider-PS4 appear and confront Otto about giving up Ben Reilly; we learn that it was all apart of the plan after Ben is killed, as consuming Ben drove Jennix mad. Later on, Otto and Octavia resurrect Ben Reilly via the cloning machines. Otto and PS4 Peter face off against the Inheritors by themselves, before the rest of the gang shows up. Captain Universe Miles is shown off here, and he's incredibly powerful. The Spider-Girls also return, themselves with a huge upgrade in terms of power. Spider-Gwen returns with 616 Peter, and bring a pretty good sized group of other Spider characters (including the rest of the Spider-Force.) Sidenote: they missed the opportunity to have a moment between Spider-Cop and Spider-Man PS4; tsk. Otto and Peter come to an agreement of how to take care of the Inheritors; the plan being Otto's. Miles is forced to kill Solus for the plan to work. They then force the rest (besides maybe Morlun, we don't actually see it hasppen to him) to be cloned into babies; giving them a fresh start where they can live a normal life. Spider-Ma'am offers to adopt the babies. We learn how the rest were truly abused by Solus to become these monsters. Everyone gets sent home through Gwen's new device. The Spider-Girls speak about the Spider-totems before they leave; we get the tease that the Other is now ressurrected Peter (Mayday's father) Parker from the Spider-Girl universe. The Enigma Force leaves Miles. Peter and Miles give Otto their blessing, and they all offer to help one another if they need it. We get another tease of Norman Osborne Spider-Man to end things. 

I forgot to mention that spider-Gwen got the new codename of Ghost-Spider in this issue. Also, I find it kind of funny that the only two Spiders to really die in this main story were Spider-UK and Spider-Man Noir (they even brought back Mayday's Dad and pulled out of killing Ben Reilly.) Seeing all the 616 Spider characters together at the end was also quite the sight, so many.

Glad I finally got around to finishing this event. Now to start the current Miles Morales and Superior Spider-Man runs!

Really Liked It


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