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Thor #11
Thor #11 Review
August 30th, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

I thought this was a great issue of Thor; and I am definitely ready for the War of the Realms. Jason Aaaron knocks it out of the park yet again. Another reason I loved this issue so much is because we got a break from Mike Del Mundo on art here. Now, this wasn't Lee Garbett's best work; but I still enjoyed it quite a bit.

This issue puts quite a lot of focus into Lady Freyja; who also narrates the issue. The issue begins with us learning that Vanaheim has fallen. We then see that Thor is in the sun searching for anything from Mjolnir but has no luck. Lady Freyja gets him to stop being foolish and come out from the sun. Lady Freyja and Thor head to Earth to save people from some natural disasters; in which Thor doesn't realize he is causing. Lady Freyja talks about how Thor's greatest weapon is his heart; and she hopes he remembers that. We also get a flashback scene between the two; where Thor talks about how he found love in Erika the Red.

We go to the far future where we see King Thor awake in front of his Granddaughters; babbling about the War of the Realms. We see Volstagg awaken violently in the present, saying how the War Thor needs his hammer as the War is about to arrive. We also get an important scene where it is revealed that Jane Foster is fully in remisssion; this is my favourite scene. Loki talks to the picture of Lady Freyja he stole in the first arc about how he wishes he could have stopped the War in his own way; having stabbed her in the back for no reason. We also see Malekith preparing to kick off the War.

The issue ends with Thor vowing to save Midgard; no matter what.

Can't wait to jump into the War of the Realms!

Loved It


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