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Spider-Geddon #1
June 30th, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

I thought this was a pretty good start to the actual event here. I am very excited to see Christos Gage laying out this event;and to see where this story is heading. I really loved the art here by Jorge Molina; and the colours by David Curiel accentuate it perfectly. 

The issue begins with Miles Morales taking on a group of Vulturions, taking them out pretty easily. Out of a portal comes Spider-UK, Octavia Otto (a heroic Doc Ock), Spider-Ham, Mayday Parker-Spider-Woman, Spider-Punk,Spider-Man Noir, and Spider-Gwen. They are on Earth-616 to find the person who is using Inheritor cloning technology, which could bring them back. They recruit Miles to help them track down this tech and destroy it.

We go over and see the Superior Octopus stop Count Nefaria's plans to take over San Francisco. Otto does this by threatening to kill his family. Otto goes back to his base and the group of Spider-beings I mentioned before show up. The Spiders have to fight Otto because he won't listen to what they say, not believing his readings could be wrong. Because of Otto's hubris Morlun, Verna, and Jennix of the Inheritors are set free into the 616. When the inheritors come through they kill Spider-Man Noir and Spider-UK. Jennix talks about how he wants to get revenge on this world's Peter Parker, which leads into the Spectacular Spider-Man tie-in issues. Jennix and Verna are planning to devour the rest of the groups essence. After that they reveal their plan to reunite the rest of the family and then make the 616 their new homeworld. The issue ends with Otto questioning what he has done.

Excited to see where this is heading!

Really Liked It


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