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Thor #8
Thor #8 Review
June 29th, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

I really enjoyed this issue, although definitely not as much as the last few. I love that Jason Aaron is really building up to War of the Realms here, as now it's getting close to when it actually comes out, we're on the road. Jason Aaron writes another great issue here. My biggest problem (yet again) with this issue is that it marks the returnof Mike Del Mundo's art, and I really don't like his stuff (at least for the most part and not including most of his covers.) Although I don't like Del Mundo's stuff so much, I will say this was probably my favourite issue with his art. 

We learn that Thor is imprisioned in Heaven by some angels; he is in this situation because he came to save his sister Angela, who is also imprisioned. Angela is imprisioned because Heaven surrendered to Malekith; Angela's own people she grew up around have now imprisioned her. Valkyrie was also imprisioned with Thor. Eventually, they all escape with the help of Thori, Toothgrinder, and Valkyrie's Pegasus. Thor uses one of his hammers afterwards to send this prison flying around with the angels inside. Thor asks Angela if she thinks he's worthy, but she says she isn't even worthy of answering that question. 

Earlier on we saw Thori on Earth guarding Jane Foster. We also saw Odin help build hammers since he couldn't sleep.

The issue ends with Okoye and Black Panther appearing on Asgard to recruit Rosalind Solomon on a special mission as an Agent of Wakanda.

Great stuff. Can't wait to read more!

Really Liked It


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