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Uncanny X-Men #7
June 3rd, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

This series has made a huge turnround in the last couple of issues as I find myself loving this second issue in a row. Things are finally starting to click together now; and to me it finally feels like the writers are hitting their stride. It also helps that the art in this issue is done by Pere Perez; who is probably one of my favourite up and coming artists.

We learnthat the X-Students and X-Man have been trapped on the Age of Apocalypse world for months now. We also learn that Pixie and rockslide have seperrated themselves from Glob, Armour, and X-Man. I will say I really liked all the Age o Apocalypse redesigns for the characters, they are great.

We learn that X-Man knows of a crystal that may help them get home; so Glob and Armour are helping to find it. We learn the other two seperated because they were trying to kill X-Man. They find this crystal in the old lab that Nathan was tortured in, but learn that it has been used up. Nathan also explains his reasoning for what he was doing on their world here. This issue really makes you feel bad for X-Man.

Rockslide and Pixie show up to try and take out X-Man again. They are stopped once again but Megan tries to convince Armour they need to kill.After freeing X-Man from where Pixie trapped him; the issue ends with Armour seemingly about to kill X-Man herself, instead of Pixie doing the deed.

Great issue. Excited to read the next issue!

Loved It


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