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Uncanny X-Men #6
May 26th, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

This was my favourite issue of this series so far. It felt like this issue finally took the story in a great direction and we finally got some answers in this one. The three writers did a great job with this issue. 

The X-Men finally go to confront X-Man after they convince Archangel to join them and reveal his location. X-Man easily disposes of the X-Men though. The young X-Students show up with Legion, and they actually take the approach of talking and listening to X-Man as he explains himself; Armour takes lead here. X-Man explains how he is trying to save the world and he only has limited time to do it as he is dying. Armour questions him how he knows he is going about saving the world in the right way. Legion decides to attack X-Man in a bold move, and attempts to send him back to his world of the Age of Apocalypse. But Legions plan goes wrong a bit and X-Man and the X-Students end up back in the Age of Apocalypse; and this is how the issue ends.

Excited to read the next one!

Loved It


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