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Uncanny X-Men #5
May 13th, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

I'm going to admit, this may have possibly have been my favourite issue of this series so far. Art and writing were bothsolid in this issue. One thing I will mention here is that I've been enjoying how Legion has been written so far; he's been one of the highlights between last issue and this issue. 

In the last issue we saw that a vial of the Miutant vaccine that Beast stole got stolen by someone. In this issue we see him using security footage to try and figure out who the thief is.

We see X-Man take up counsel with the people he has abducted. At Apocalypses' suggestion X-Man destroys all houses of religion around the world. 

The X-Kids clear out some rubble so Cerebro can be reached. Legion and Jamie have a tense moment but Legion seems like he legit didn't want to hurt Jamie. Legion then goes on to track X-Man using Cerebro.

At one site of conflict Lorna initates battle with her father Magneto.

At the other site we see Cannonball hurtle Angel into space. Once he comes back to the ground Betsy and him speak. Once it looks like Warren can't be helped, Betsy pulls out a psionic blade and slices Warren. This action bring out Archangel, who is angry that his one chance at peace was ruined. This is how the issue ends.

Excited to read the next one. Starting to get exciting!

Really Liked It


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