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Uncanny X-Men #2
April 14th, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

I found that I enjoyed this issue quite a bit more than the first one. The writing team of Brisson, Rosenberg, and Thompson really start to pull this story together abit more in my opinion, and I find myself more intrigued after this one. I also found I liked the art by Silva a lot more in this issue than Asrar in the last one.

A decent amount of focus in this issue is focused around the growing issue of Multiple Man. When I say growing I mean it too; as by the end of the issue there is an incredibly large mass of Jamie's. The X-Men split into two teams to tackle the unexplainable unnatural occurances happening throughout the world. One team goes to Montana to take out some dinosaurs and one team goes to confront Jamie. The dinosaur team seem to have more success; where we get a cool moment with X-23 breaking her way outside of a dinosaur after being swallowed by one. We see the Jamie's fighting the other team and they all have different powers. Jamie says they're sorry and they didn't want to do this but they made him. The team are looking for Jamie Prime.

In a quick segment we see Beast sneakily make his way to the Fairview Medical Laboratories building that was destroyed last issue. Beast gets inside and takes what is seemingly the mutant vaccine.

The students stay at the X-Mansion and half of them are upset that they aren't able to help out in the field.Pixie and Rockslide remind Glob and Armour that the weren't to successful in the last issue and Idie still hasn't awakened. Later on we see a mob of humans surround the mansion, being thebigots they are. A man walks up to the door to speak with the kids. The issue ends with the man revealing he is Charles Xavier's son, Legion, and he is here to save the day.

Can't wait to readthenext one!

Really Liked It


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