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Astonishing X-Men #17
April 2nd, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

I personally found this to be a very satisfying last issue to this series/arc; you may even say I found this to be an Astonishing (pun intended) conclusion. Matthew Rosenberg really impressed me here, and made me sad to see this title go. Greg Land produces great stuff yet again, and Frank D'Armata really makes everything pop with his colouring.

We see the team seemingly killed at the beginning of the issue before it is revealed to just be a trick produced from Dazzler where what the Reavers were seeing were fake copies of the team. The Reavers decide to attack the X-Mansion, now being able to control Sentinels. We see the Reavers taken care of pretty early, partially because of the return of Banshee.

Speaking of Banshee, a Reaver hijacks the nanotechnology inside of him and set his screams off. The only thing that stops Sean is Dazzler consuming alll his power, which she uses to take out the rest of the Reavers. After this Sean is seeminglyy back to normal, and is even finally speaking now. Sean tells Hank he isn't going back to being on ice and says to everyone that he just wants to live his life, and whatever happens is what happens. The last we see of Banshee is of him flying away.

Alison and Alex sit down and have a talk. We then see Alex scrifice his freedom to Robert Callahan when O.N.E come knocking in return for the O.N.E to leave the rest of his team and the rest of the X-Men;  lying in the process in saying he has records that would screw them. This takes place while the rest of Havok's team is fleeing the scene. Alison is the only one who knows about it, even using her copy trick to make them think Alex is on the Blackbird with them. The rest of the team is upset that Alex couldn't escape too, especially Hank. Alex gives up his freedom and play the part of the terrorist to be a hero in his own way. Kitty says if he ever escapes they won't be able to really associate withhim because of this; although before he is taken away Kitty tells Alex they will get him out because the X-Men don't abandon their own. Warpath says he'll follow Alex wherever he leads. 

This leaves all of the characters in this arc in an interesting spot; can't wait to see where these characters go from here!

Loved It


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