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  • "Ah, so that's why it's a classic..."
  • RickyDanger
    It's good! "Ghosts" is definetly a step down from the two stories preceeding it but those first two are so fucking fantastic it doesn't matter. This is the world of Tim Burton's Batman Returns: a...
  • RickyDanger

    Taking this quarantine shit as an opportunity to catch up on classics I've somehow still never read. Finally read Batman: Year One and next up is The Long Halloween. Good shit.

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    • Pbruce71
      I throughly enjoyed Loeb’s run on Cable.
  • RickyDanger
    RickyDanger commented on the comic, The Punisher: The Blood on the Moors
    The Punisher: The Blood on the Moors

    Didn't expect this to be so good! Cool concept, nice art, and a very well-captured atmosphere.

  • RickyDanger

    Glad to be back on here after going pretty inactive for a while. I switched from logging individual issues to just logging things like trades, OGNs, all that because if I'm being honest that's how I consume at least like 99% of my comics. Might finally get around to cataloging my collection, too (and then start actually reading half the shit haha).

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    • fizzmatix

      Welcome back, now's a good time to catch up. Though our collection is quite small, I've also been playing catch up on reading through it. I'm kind of in the camp where I refuse to buy things unless I read them though. We have far too many general novels that have sat on shelves for years without being read. Trying not to do that with comics.

Pretty much using this to keep an ongoing reading log, I won't really rate shit or catalog my collection. I don't log indivudual issues or chapters- just trades, OGNs, tankobon, etc.
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