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  • MAR160746  ·  CONSENSUS: 91%
    Civil War II #0
    Marvel Comics  ·  May 18th, 2016  ·  $4.99

    From the creative team that brought you House of M and Siege comes a blistering first chapter in Marvel's new explosive event. Watch as the players are introduced and the table is set for a storyline that fans will be... View »

  • MAR160703  ·  CONSENSUS: 93%
    Civil War II #1
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jun 1st, 2016  ·  $5.99

    PART ONE A new Inhuman, with the ability to profile the future, emerges and the ramifications ripple into every corner of the Marvel Universe. Lines are drawn, bodies fall, and the Marvel Universe will be rocked to it's... View »

  • APR160857  ·  CONSENSUS: 89%
    Civil War II #2
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jun 15th, 2016  ·  $4.99

    PART 2 Two issues in one month? Hell yes! As the Marvel Universe reels from the events of the first issue, Tony Stark decides to take matters (and the law) into his own hands and declares war on the Inhumans. But not everyone... View »

  • APR160862  ·  CONSENSUS: 89%
    Civil War II #3
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 13th, 2016  ·  $4.99

    PART THREE This is the one everyone will be talking about! One of the biggest heroes in the Marvel Universe will fall! Who it is and how and why will divide fans for years to come. Will the heroes of the Marvel Universe... View »

  • MAY160747  ·  CONSENSUS: 86%
    Civil War II #4
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 27th, 2016  ·  $4.99

    PART FOUR Sides are harshly divided as the Marvel Universe's trial of the century reaches its shocking verdict! Now, the abstract issues are very real for the heroes of the Marvel Universe and battle lines must be drawn.... View »

  • JUN160760  ·  CONSENSUS: 84%
    Civil War II #5
    Marvel Comics  ·  Sep 21st, 2016  ·  $4.99

    PART 5 The devastating fallout from the first half of this event is enormous and being felt in every corner of the Marvel Universe. The truth about Ulysses' future-seeing power is revealed and it is a game changer. Sides... View »

  • JUL160889  ·  CONSENSUS: 81%
    Civil War II #6
    Marvel Comics  ·  Oct 26th, 2016  ·  $4.99

    PART 6 Sides have been drawn, battles have been fought, but it all comes down to this. Captain Marvel versus Iron Man over the future of the Marvel Universe, one of the biggest battles in Marvel history! View »

  • AUG160866  ·  CONSENSUS: 82%
    Civil War II #7
    Marvel Comics  ·  Nov 23rd, 2016  ·  $4.99

    PART 7 THE WAR ENDS… View »

  • SEP161000  ·  CONSENSUS: 65%
    Civil War II #8
    Marvel Comics  ·  Dec 28th, 2016  ·  $4.99

    PART 8 Blockbuster creators BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS and DAVID MARQUEZ go out with a seismic bang as fists fly over Washington D.C.! Ulysses’ precognitive powers grow stronger with each passing moment. As they reach their... View »

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