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  • NOV150738  ·  CONSENSUS: 95%
    Captain Marvel #1
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jan 20th, 2016  ·  $3.99

    Face front, true believers! The Captain has made her return and oh, how mighty it is. It’s a bold new frontier for Carol Danvers as she soars to new heights in her greatest mission yet—leader of the all-new Alpha... View »

  • DEC150764  ·  CONSENSUS: 93%
    Captain Marvel #2
    Marvel Comics  ·  Feb 3rd, 2016  ·  $3.99

    Between hosting a contingent of alien ambassadors, passive aggressive power struggles with her Flight Commander, Abigail Brand, and an insatiable itch to be on the front lines, Carol Danvers A.K.A. Captain Marvel struggles... View »

  • JAN160792  ·  CONSENSUS: 93%
    Captain Marvel #3
    Marvel Comics  ·  Mar 16th, 2016  ·  $3.99

    Captain Marvel's powers are on the fritz and the timing couldn't be worse... All evidence says that Alpha Flight has a traitor in their midst . How will Carol and her crew figure out the origins of the mystery ship... View »

  • FEB160834  ·  CONSENSUS: 85%
    Captain Marvel #4
    Marvel Comics  ·  Apr 20th, 2016  ·  $3.99

    As the situation with the Eridani delegates escalates, Captain Marvel and her crew struggle to make sense of what happened on the mysterious alien craft But between her powers failing and Wendy's character being called... View »

  • MAR160835  ·  CONSENSUS: 89%
    Captain Marvel #5
    Marvel Comics  ·  May 25th, 2016  ·  $3.99

    "RISE OF THE ALPHA FLIGHT", PART FIVE The crew of Alpha Flight Space station find themselves face-to-face with their greatest threat to date.  As Carol comes to a greater understanding of the legacy of Captain... View »

  • APR160892  ·  CONSENSUS: 89%
    Captain Marvel #6
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jun 29th, 2016  ·  $3.99

    CIVIL WAR II TIE-IN! Old friends face off as enemies in an event that will change Captain Marvel's life forever. As war erupts, Carol finds herself at the forefront of battle. But after tragedy hits too close to home,... View »

  • MAY160786  ·  CONSENSUS: 90%
    Captain Marvel #7
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 27th, 2016  ·  $3.99

    CIVIL WAR II TIE-IN! Captain Marvel's determination reaches new heights as her rift with Iron Man gets deeper. It's a fight for the future as Carol and the Alpha Flight recruit more to their cause. But will forces... View »

  • JUN160788  ·  CONSENSUS: 89%
    Captain Marvel #8
    Marvel Comics  ·  Aug 24th, 2016  ·  $3.99

    CIVIL WAR II TIE-IN! No time for second-guessing, Captain Marvel is determined to change the future to protect the present. With wins on her side, Carol knows her mission is the right thing to do, but does everyone else?... View »

  • JUL160922  ·  CONSENSUS: 89%
    Captain Marvel #9
    Marvel Comics  ·  Sep 28th, 2016  ·  $3.99

    CIVIL WAR II TIE-IN! Captain Marvel thought she had it figured out -- change the future and save lives. But as friendships turn cold, she has to decide how far she's willing to go... View »

  • AUG160878  ·  CONSENSUS: 84%
    Captain Marvel #10
    Marvel Comics  ·  Nov 23rd, 2016  ·  $4.99

    LONELY AT THE TOP: PART 5 The final showdown between Carol and Tony’s forces.  Fist meets metal in the ultimate battle for the future! A CIVIL WAR II TIE-IN View »

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